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Press Release – Tactical MilSim Magazine Online

The wonderful folks over at Tactical MilSim Magazine have put together a press release for the SFAA to help raise awareness and perhaps help us reach our goal. To read the full article, just click the link here.

We have a contest winner!

The South Florida Airsoft Association is pleased to announce our winner for the Support the SFAA, Win a KWA Pistol Contest! Tommy DiGiacomo of Lake Worth Florida and the FAU Airsoft Team has been randomly chosen to receive this wonderful gift! Thank you for your support and thank you to everyone that entered. Stay tuned for more ways to win some great things and still help support the fastest growing airsoft organization in Florida!

Last Rock Quarry Game at Bonita Airsoft

Our friends over at Bonita Airsoft will be hosting their final game at the rock quarry until November.
Location: BA Rock Quarry Field
Address: 7270 SR-82 Felda, FL 33930
Time: 9:00 am
Field Fee: $10.00
Download Waiver Form Here
This is the last game at this field until November!
RSVP is a must! Game scenarios change on player head
count. RSVP by contacting Lucky at
or 239-340-1437.

A Different Kind of Fundraiser

As we all know, this past month Japan was rocked by not only an earthquake but a tsunami that has affected millions of people. Thousands of lives lost, many people missing and just complete destruction of cities and towns. And now with the threat of radiation, its not getting any better. With that said, the South Florida Airsoft Association would like to help in any way they can. As of now, any donation that we receive, either for a patch, t-shirt or VIP Donation, we will take partial proceeds and donate them to the American Red Cross. If you would like more information on how you could help please contact the SFAA at

5 Reasons to Play Airsoft

Ben Martin over at Airsoft Outlet NW. (One of our sponsors) wrote this fantastic article on 5 reasons to play airsoft. This could help shed some light on newer players and perhaps people who may be interested in joining the community. You can find the original story here.

1. It’s Fun!

Pretty obvious right? when else can you don 30+ pounds of gear and camo, grab a solid metal Airsoft gun with the latest accessories, and engage another group of likeminded people? MILSIM (Military Simulation) can be extremely invigorating, and is about as close to combat as you can get without the whole death thing. (Sorry paintballers, your guns are just not realistic enough) Plus, great friendships and camaraderie that isn’t common in today’s society can come out of the sport.

Airsoft can bring out the best in players especially when they get that rush of adrenaline. It’s that same rush that comes right before an ambush is sprung. It’s that feeling in your chest when you’re stacked 5 deep and about to sweep and clear a 4 bedroom house. It’s that rush when a burst of 15 bb’s zip past your ear.

That rush is addicting, and if you get hooked it’s hard not to want more.

2. It’s Great Exercise.

No one can argue against this, and I’d say it’s especially true when playing outdoors. If you get deep in to the woods then you know how fields can turn in to random muck and the only option is through.

Usually with indoor games the only weight you may gain is in sweat. But after 35m of murky field you’ll easily gain 5 – 10lbs of water and mud. Oh, and don’t forget those a steep hills that everyone always fights over (Hamburger Hill at Splat Action comes to mind).

All that weight will really begin to tear you down after hours of constant climbing, crawling, standing, and diving. Muscles that you forgot you had will begin to swell and ache. The powerboars will wear off, dehyrdation will kick in, and the walk back to the respawn will be a welcome break. Who needs P90X when you can just play Airsoft?

So I don’t know about you, but after an intense day of playing all I’ll want to do is sit in a hot tub and drink a beer.

3. Skill Sharpening

“…research has shown that video game playing experience or playing a video game immediately before being tested can improve both reaction times and anticipation” (source) and that it can also improve vision up to 20% (source). That being said, we all know Airsoft and FPS video games have a lot in common and that a large portion of Airsofters are also avid gamers. So it’s only natural for video game players to test their reaction time and vision in real scenarios. It’s funny, but I don’t know how many times i’ve thought to myself during a match: “This is just like a video game…”

Not only does Airsoft work your reaction time, vision, and judgement, but it is also a great way to improve teamwork, problem solving, land navigation, memory, and mental/physical discipline. One could consider Airsoft a live action game of chess and the players that are the most successful are the ones that can outthink and outmaneuver their opponent .

4. It’s the next best thing…

I know I’m going to get immolated for this one, but it’s the next best thing to being in the military. I can say this because I did serve for 4 years in the Marines as an AAV crewman and did see a wide variety of training on top of the invasion of Iraq. And Airsoft is simply the next best thing because scenario games can be extremely true to life if administered correctly then they . Military, LE, and much of the private sector is starting to notice this as well and have begun implementing Airsoft in to scenario training.

So moms, if you don’t want your boy going joining the military then let him get it out of his system early with Airsoft; if he still joins then rest assured he’ll be conditioned for it ;).

5. It’s cheap!

Now before jumping to any conclusions let me explain first. I say Airsoft is cheap in comparison to the other technologies out there (Simunition, MILES, and Paintball). Assuming that you’re a regular player, enthusiast, trainer, or someone who just loves war games, Airsoft is your least expensive option. Even the initial investment isn’t as bad as some would think. Simunition and MILES aside, Airsoft is still more cost effective than paintball. If you think about it all you really need for Airsoft is a basic AEG with a hicap magazine, some cheap woodland camo, eye protection, and bb’s. Other than the gun, which might run between $150-$200, the rest of your Airsoft essentials can be found for less than $30 a piece.

An entry level Paintball gun will cost about the same as an entry level Airsoft AEG, but all the other essentials are usually considerably more. Quality Paintball rounds are considerably more expensive than quality Airsoft bb’s. A pack of 2000 RPS Stinger Paintballs can range around $35-$40 a pack while 5000 .20g Airsoft bb’s can run between $11-$15. Not only that, but Paintball players have to purchase extra tanks if they want to play more than a couple of rounds (add $35 – $150 or more), get each tank filled for $5 – $10/per, and then hope they don’t run out of C02 or HPA on the field.

All you need is an inexpensive Battery & Charger for Airsoft. And if your battery dies on the field all you have to do is charge it again by car adapter or electrical plug; no massive C02 tank necessary.

In the end Airsoft is one of the most practical, safe, and fun activities anyone could do with their free time. It’s the evolution of MILSIM, ask anyone that plays with an organized group and they’ll say the same thing.

- Benjamin Martin

A Tragic Day in Airsoft History

Yesterday one of our own Victor “Arc Angle” Puig was killed due to a gunshot wound to the head. This was cared out by his wife of 34 years if their house in Ocala, FL. For those of you that didn’t know Arc Angle he was the owner of SCOMO in Ocala, FL and a Great leader / Ground breaker in the sport of Airsoft. For those of you that would like to attend a memorial will be held Saturday at 8AM at the Ocala SOCOM facility in honor of the wonderful individual. For more information on this please look to the local news…

New T-Shirt Design Coming!

With the warmer weather coming up, it is only fitting to have a shirt that you won’t bake in during the summer months. This design is also a homage to a close friend of the SFAA who is in the Army and doing his part, hence the sand colored shirt. The logo, might have some tweaks on it before we go to print, but this will give you an idea. Pre-orders will be available.


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